Thursday, February 7, 2013

Funny work emails...

Some background: when I first started at my job I worked in another department under C. We've since become good friends, despite my move to another department. We have similar personalities and are constantly cracking each other up.


HR sends out an email announcing a new employee, Jennifer.

C forwards me said email and says: Another Jennifer. How does that make you feel? I just met her... I'm ok with her.

Me: When she came in, I told her she'd have to go because there is already one Jennifer.

C: Good that she knows where she stands already.

Me: Exactly. She said I could call her something else but I stopped paying attention. I mean when I dismiss you, just get lost ok?

C: I'm so proud of you. Was just telling B, that I hired you, and that I'm responsible for you. I'm so proud.

Me: I aim to please master.

C: Master like Yoda? Or more like the Sith Lords?

Me: Sith Lords.

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