Saturday, January 19, 2013


I feel like too many of my posts have been titled with a simple "hi" rather than something clever and interesting. I was sitting on the couch about an hour ago thinking about how I missed my blog and I missed interacting with all of you and what happened that made me stray so far for so long.

Dramatic, right? Aside from last semester really kicking my butt, I convinced myself it was the lack of ease. My lap top is so chunky and it dies if it is unplugged for more than the run from the office to the couch or bed. So I dislike taking it from the desk to a nice comfy place where I can cozy up with a blanket and type away. Solution? A trip to Best Buy and a brand new iPad Mini.

Blogger app? Check!
Couch? Check!
Blanket? Check!

This is what happens when I'm left home alone, bored on a Saturday night, I shop. Compulsively.

So things here are going well and I have a new semester starting Tuesday, three classes. Help! Brad started classes this past Monday and he's doing ok so far.

I hope to be making some regularly scheduled appearances around here, but we've all heard that before! I do hope to be a little more consistent around here though. Maybe let's shoot for once a week to start!

Have an excellent weekend, I hope it's a 3-day for most of you!!


  1. Sounds like an exciting Saturday to me! I know how you feel about the laptop dying quickly. I am going to be getting myself a new one next month with part of my tax refund. I am at the point that I have to stay plugged in at all times (both batteries don't stay charged more than 30 mins). Good luck in your studies this semester!!

    1. My tax refund is definitely paying this puppy off!

  2. iPad Mini! girl, you are a very good shopper - don't let anyone tell you different! LOL
    Hey, we're glad to see you whenever you have time to pop in. My advice would be to maybe just pick one weekly meme, like Monday Listicles, to participate in and make it easy.

    1. Ha, I think I'm a good shopper too! Brad wants one too because I won't share. :)

      I might just take your advice and pick one hop a week to start off so I ease back in and don't get overwhelmed.

  3. Well, so glad you found something to get you back in the blogosphere! Enjoy your iPad mini!!

    1. Thank you! So far it seems to be working. :)

      I just wish the Blogger app was a little more like the web version. Can't seem to do as much with it, like schedule posts or access my list of labels.


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