Monday, January 21, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

A while back I was having a hard time falling asleep at night. I talked to my doctor while I was in for a regular check up, and she had suggested making my bedroom a more relaxing place. For example, don't fold laundry in there, don't do schoolwork in there, only stress free relaxation. That way, when I go to bed, I will be in a relaxing place, not a place where I do chores and thinking.

So our bedroom is pretty relaxing. But I still sometimes fold clothes in there or do some schoolwork, I need to cut that out. Anyway, I want to incorporate some new, soft decor to make it more comfortable. The walls are a calm and peaceful blue and we have little to no art on the walls. We basically have a clean slate to work with.

I'm thinking along the lines of a happy cherry blossom print, courtesy of my very talented friend Anita Miller, of Natures Images by Design, and maybe a DIY fabric headboard, but I'd love to hear some other ideas too.

I'm hoping to pick up a new, more comfortable bed with our tax refund, if it's big enough. And with that I want a comfy new bed spread set with lots and lots of soft pillows. We have curtains that I'm not at all attached to, so that could change. I do want to stick with the blue color on the walls that I love, so whatever we do should be compatible with that. We have a ceiling fan so we're limited on what we can do with the ceiling, not that there is much to do there.

So I guess I'm looking for ideas with wall art and other accents. I'm thinking about some kind of fabric on top of the dressers, almost like a runner, to make the dust less apparent on the dark wood furniture, but nothing tacky. Oh and we have the bathroom and closet doors too, not sure there is any way to make them pretty without paint? I'll be heading to Pinterest for sure.

Think soft and comfy thoughts! I'd love to hear them!


  1. You will get great ideas on Pinterest, I have been hanging out over there way too much but having so much fun :)

    1. My bedroom and DIY boards are Pinterest are out of control!

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge!
    The one room we have never re-done since moving into this house is the master bedroom -- and that is just shameful. that is supposed to be where all the magic happens! LOL

    For my daughters' closet doors I got this peel and stick design wallpaper. you can move it around, and you can get it as wallpaper, or as decals, etc. Or you can even get quotes, etc. I think it was called Wall Pops.
    You will be showing your design, right?

    1. I have kind of steered away from the bedroom because no one sees it and we sleep in there so it's a lot less fun to decorate than say the living room, kitchen, or guest bath since people see those things and can compliment on them. I know, I'm a cheese! But I am just in this mode right now where I need my bedroom to be this fluffy retreat space that I want to go to.

      I like the idea of the peel and stick wall paper! I even toyed with the idea of wallpapering one wall, Pinterest had so many yummy wallpaper looks. So much better than 70s/80s kitchen wallpaper. I'm going crazy here!

      I did order my cherry blossom print though and I cannot wait to put that up!!

  3. Taking the television and computer out of the bedroom made a world of difference to my sleeping. No distractions, sleep like a stone now. Maybe you could just stop folding laundry altogether. LOL Good luck with the redo.

    1. I would love to take the TV out of the room. Would love it! But I think my husband would cry. A lot. I'll need to work on that one because it would be a total atmosphere change, especially since its one of those big boxy tube TVs.


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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