Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pondering: Content

There are a million things that I should be doing, but I want so badly to be back on my blog so I'm throwing it all out the window!

I have missed the weekly hops I participate in SO much.  I have missed chatting with my friends here.  So what better way to get back in the groove by pondering about contentment.  Each week Brenda posts a prompt for you to take to your blogs and talk about.  Click the button below to head over and play along!

Think on Thursday

Am I content? Yes.  I love my life.  I'm happy with where I'm at and with knowing I'm on the way to making my dreams come true.  I'm not living my dream just yet, but I'm confident that all this hard work is going to pay off at some point! It has to, right?

I have other dreams though...

I'd love to open a bake shop and bake cookies and other sweets all the time.  I really would.  To me that's more like a moonlighting dream though... once I've completed my dreams of being a counselor, having a family... way later on in life I'll entertain that dream. 

I'd also love to travel the world.  I'd LOVE to.  There are so many places I want to go and things I want to see.  Every once in a while I sit down and strategically plan this world tour.  Here's what I can do in one trip... here's what I can do in another... I want to see EVERYTHING! So it's only natural to lump things together so I can maximize each trip.

In fact, I think this evening, while I should be doing some school work, I am going to chill out with a map and "plan!"


  1. I think it's great that you have 2 dreams - that you still aspire to achieve more even when your first dreams come true. Having something to look forward, something to aspire to later in life, I am sure it's way to still feel alive and purposeful.

    Traveling is definitely one of mine. But that's on hold until the kids are older. Then my dream trip: New Zealand and Australia!

    1. I think it's always important to have dreams and goals and to keep renewing them and making new ones. It gives you something to always strive for.

  2. I love trip-dreaming! Next destination I need to dream-plan: ITALY!

  3. You have been missed Jennifer :)) I love dream traveling and maps really are my thing I have super powers of a great sense of direction because I enjoy map reading hubs on the other hand I tease him all the time he would get lost in a paperbag LOl I changed my blog name no more Footsteps same Janice just new name ;]

    1. Love the new name!
      I am good at reading maps and following directions, but without a map or a GPS, I have NO sense of direction! I couldn't tell you if I just made a left or a right. Ha.

  4. Ah, dreaming, I do it all the time :)


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