Monday, September 24, 2012


My new semi-addiction. 

My co-worker turned me on to it.  We were talking about something and she suggested it, so I went.  Now I'm a little hooked.  I'm not on it 24/7 as I simply don't have the time, but when I am I must pin like 20+ things at a time. 

It's like a collection I don't actually have to keep stock of.  Fun.

I pin recipes (my favorite), home stuff, hair and nail stuff, pet stuff, dreamy locations, and more!

When I get a minute I'll add a Pinterest button to my blog so you can see what kind of trouble I'm getting myself into.

I've avoided Pinterest like the plague because I don't need something else on the internet to be addicted to... guess all hope is lost now!

Do you Pinterest?


  1. I just popped off of it and read this post, too funny! I have to admit I don't get the addiction part of it but I do enjoy popping in on it from time to time. For me, it is like looking at fun photos. I am not crafty so I know I won't do all the crafting everyone talks about but it is cool to see what others come up with!

    1. The addiction part for me comes into play when 10 minutes has gone by and I'm still pinning in the same category! :)


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