Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shot Tales: Old Town

Back to Florida for this week's shot tales. This is Old Town.  It's an old town.  Not really, it's like an amusement park type place.  Kind of.  There are shops, restaurants, arcade places, some rides.  They also do car shows pretty regularly, I think on weekend evenings.  I'm sure the next time we're in Florida Brad will want to take his Challenger over there.

We have been to Old Town quite a few times during our trips to Florida.  My mother-in-law loves the quarter Pepsi's they have in the General Store, though I think they are up to fifty cents now.  I love the shot glasses, of course.

The lighting isn't great in this photo, but the one on the left is a mini old fashioned Coca Cola glass.  Not Old Town specific except that I bought it there. 

Looking back, the Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas remind me a lot of Old Town, the way it's set up, the shops.  Yep, more tourist traps! I love a good tourist trap.

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  1. I know what you mean, sometimes I enjoy the tourist places too and stroll through them in Sedona.

    1. It's neat because you can learn a lot about the place you are visiting just by looking at its souvenirs.


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