Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pondering With a Purpose - Goals

Each week I like to join Brenda for her Pondering With a Purpose hop.  She poses a question or a topic and we all ponder it.  Click the button below to see what all the fun is about!

Think on Thursday

This week she asks: do you set goals for yourself that are unattainable? Or, do you set goals and then beat yourself up when you don't reach them?

I'm not sure that I've ever set an unattainable goal for myself. 

I know what you're thinking: Yeah right! Everyone sets unattainable goals!

At first when I read the question, I was like "yeah I do!"  But then I thought about it more.  I thought about some of the goals I set for myself and realize that the goals I strive for aren't unattainable, I just lose the drive to accomplish them and that's what makes them unattainable.  It's me, not the goals. 

Ok, maybe I've thought about being high school skinny again.  That would be unattainable since my body has changed greatly since then and no I don't want to look like the lanky kid I did back then and it would probably never, ever happen again anyway.  I haven't really ever set that as a goal though, it's more of something I may whine about when I'm feeling fat. 

The goals I set for myself today are attainable, but like I said, I sometimes lose the drive to keep charging towards them.  And I do beat myself up over it.  I don't think I'm beating myself up over not meeting the goal though.  I think I'm beating myself up because I let myself lose the motivation to continue.

My most recent goal is my fitness goal.  I'm happy to say that I'm about two weeks in and I'm still going strong.  I'm still eating rabbit food and exercising.  This is a feat in itself as I've typically already given in to temptation by now.  What's amazing is I feel as though I've cleansed myself.  I have no desire for the crap food I used to eat.  I want cake like you have no idea, but I bet if I ate that cake I'd feel terrible.  Physically, not mentally.  Last weekend, after a week straight of eating real healthy foods, I had white rice with dinner.  I thought I was going to blow up like a balloon, I sure felt like it! It goes to show that when you put your mind and your body to something, you can achieve it, things change! And they change quickly.

So to make a long story short (too late!), I think it's me who has been the unattainable one in my relationship with goals.  I don't let myself go and put all my heart and soul into the goals that I set for myself.  Until now! Things are changing people!! :)


  1. I think it is good to set attainable goals... and you can set yourself a goal not to lose interest in your goals :)

    Thanks for pondering with me!

    1. I think the goal to not lose interest is a good goal!

  2. I try really hard to set goals that are actually within reach. I hate saying I'm going to do something and then I don't. You're doing great with the eating better, I'm hoping to follow suit here!

    1. Regardless of the eating better part, you're still doing awesome!!


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