Saturday, August 11, 2012

Down another 2!

I'm so thrilled that when I weighed in this morning I was down another 2 lbs! That brings the total to 4 lbs in two weeks.  I am excited because it's motivating! There is nothing worse than changing your lifestyle and not seeing results of said change, no matter what it is.  This has been instant gratification from the very beginning and it motivates me to continue.

I was actually a little worried to weigh in this morning.  Last week I had a day when I didn't work out, and that same day I went over my daily calories by 500!! I decided I needed to have a taco salad from Moe's, which would not have been bad if I didn't eat the 500 calorie shell! So I'm happy my bad day didn't thwart my progress.

This evening we have a birthday party to go to and I'm almost certain Brad's aunt will be making a cake for said party.  I love her cakes.  She made our wedding cake.  If you've caught some of my posts and comments lately, I'm kind of obsessed with cake lately!! So I've decided if there is cake I will have a tiny piece, that's all I need to savor the flavor.  I can't wait!!

Of course, since I'm prepping for this, there will probably not be any cake...


  1. How, great, another 2 lbs.!! A small piece of cake should be fine,it is all in the portion size. Way to go!!!

    1. I did have a small piece of cake at work today. :)

  2. congrats... you definitely deserve a pat on the back... so was there cake?

    1. We didn't go! It started raining so hard we could barely see out our front door, I decided the couch trumped the road!


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