Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sisterhood Award

I have had an atrocious week.  Atrocious.  Do you know what an atrocity is? Something that shouldn't even happen in war time.  I remember that definition from my high school vocabulary workbook with the pencil on the cover that I remember my sisters outlining over and over again until they could punch out the pencil so I had to do that too.  Atrocious. 

I'll talk about it soon, I think, but today I am going to appreciate this awesome award Brenda bestowed upon me.  I swear it's like she knew exactly what I needed at this moment and it got me all teary and emotional.  Thank you Brenda!!

So I'm supposed to post 7 random facts and then pass the award on.

1. When my sisters and I are talking to one another, or when we are talking to our parents, and we refer to one or both of our parents, we call them "mommy" and "daddy" but when we address them directly we say "mom" and "dad".  Examples: "Where's mommy?" "Dad, how do you fix this?"
2. Sometimes I still feel like I need my mommy and daddy.
3. I am so excited to receive the stuff I'm ordering from my Scentsy party!! (Closes tomorrow night if you're interested, wink wink,, pick to buy from my party, Jennifer E, on the right side.)
4. I like to listen to country music in the summer more than any other time of the year. 
5. I wish I had a porch or covered patio so I could sit outside and watch the thunderstorms.
6. I tried to type that "6" five times and I kept hitting "5".
7. I always wish on shooting stars and check for heads-up pennies on the ground.

I'm going to pass this award on to all the ladies who read my blog.  I appreciate each and every one of you and can't pick just a few to give it to.  You're all amazing in your own way and your presence and comments are so much appreciated!


  1. I am so sorry you are having a very tough week! It is Wednesday, hopefully that is a good thing, you have made it to the middle, and two more days to go and then rest or fun on the weekend!!!
    Loved learning more about you :)

    1. Yes, just two more days to go! That is definitely a good thing!

  2. so sorry for your rotten day. Can I throat punch someone for you? ;)

    A big covered porch is the house of my dreams. I don't even care about the inside. well, ok..except the bath tub. a big bath tub is also a must.

    1. Wow, our dream house sounds similar! Need the huge bath tub. I don't get where the tubs in movies come from, they are so deep! I want a deep tub!

      I really appreciate your offer to throat punch someone, it means a lot. :) Unfortunately the person in this case would be me, so I'd rather you didn't... though the Audi driving psycho who cut me off yesterday and today would be the preferred substitute.

  3. Cute answers! I was tickled by #5.. I mean #5!! NO NO # SIX!!

    And yeah, #2 is me, also.


    1. LOL! It was such a struggle getting that stinkin' 6 to type!


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