Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When I decided that I'd track my food and exercise, I did a search in the App Store to find an app to use to track both.  I knew there would be plenty to choose from. 

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The first one on the list was MyFitnessPal and it was free.  Sounds good to me! I used LiveStrong in the past and I liked it, but I'm all about trying new things for new chapters in my life.  LiveStrong was also on the list as a free app, so I figured if I didn't like MyFitnessPal I'd use LiveStrong. 

Granted it's only been a few days, but I really like it.  It has this feature that after you update your daily log, it tells you how much you could weigh in 5 weeks if you keep up with your current level of consumption and exercise.  I know it can't possibly be accurate and it says right on the screen that it's only an estimate, but it is motivational. 

If you are or have ever been a tracker, do you have a favorite way to track your food intake and exercise levels?


  1. Another Blogger I follow uses MyFitness Pal and she loves it!

    1. It really is great. It has a bar code scanner feature that I haven't investigated yet but I'm looking forward to trying out!


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