Saturday, July 28, 2012

It was a pretty good week

I've had a pretty crappy July.  This has just not been my month.  It started off pretty good, the middle sucked, now the end has started to pick back up.  Thank goodness! I don't like being melancholy.

I spent the first two days of the week prepping for my new office mate's arrival on Wednesday.  I finally have the help I've been needing for a long, long time.  And she is great.  She is smart, creative, and very competent.  It's a blessing.  Today I told her it was wonderful to have someone you could tell to "click the button on the top" and they actually go to click the button at the top, instead of the side or the bottom or somewhere else.  I'm really looking forward to working with her!

And I'm a supervisor! For real this time.  The last time it was kind of a fake feature of my job description.  I call it fake because I was never given the full authority to do what being a supervisor would have entailed.  My boss now trusts me completely and gives me much more authority.  It's nice to know that my hard work and my knowledge and competence actually goes noticed.

It'll be nice to get started on all of our fun new plans for the organization.  There is so much that's had to be put on hold because I can't do it all.  I try, but I can't.  Having my new coworker will give me the time I need to work on some other things, and she's so competent and adaptable that I know she can go above and beyond and help me out in so many other ways than we had initially planned.  Really looking forward to the future at work.  And yes, I just said that!

So it's been a really good week.  I'll take this week over the middle weeks of July anytime!

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. I am so glad your week and month has started to be a less stressful one! here's to an even better one!

    1. Thank you!! I'll drink to that! :)

  2. So glad things are turning around for you :)


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