Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I never asked for a brother...

I am the youngest of four girls.  Growing up I always wanted a younger sister.  At times I may have asked my parents for a baby in general, but specifically I wanted a little sister to mother, play with, and corrupt of course.

I never asked my parents for a brother.

Funny how things work out.  I was born with and I grew up with three sisters.  Today I have six brothers.  All through marriages, of course! I also have two sisters-in-law, but still, the boys outnumber the girls in my immediate family.

And all my siblings and siblings-in-law are wonderful people.  I'm very blessed.


  1. I was an only child before I married marc, and like you now I have brothers & sisters... love it!

    1. It is nice to have a variety now. :)


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