Saturday, July 21, 2012

Has my black thumb turned green?

I'm not sure I'd go that far, however things seem to be looking up a little bit.

These are the royal palms I planted last year.  In the winter the fronds turned brown and we cut them back, they looked like hideous little stumps and I really thought we'd have to pull them.  I'm pleased they seem to be coming around this year.

I'm not kidding when I say I have a black thumb.  Everything I plant, or even leave in the pot, dies.  In fact, if you visit the garden centers of the Home Depot or Lowes by my house, you'll see a picture of me by the cashier with a caption that says "do not sell plants to this woman!"  It's embarrassing really.  I'm a planticidal maniac.

The only thing I can't seem to kill is weeds!

Do you have a green thumb, or a black thumb?


  1. lovin the new background!

    As you probably know, I am definitely a green thumb....however, this lack of rain is not making it easy at all. I have not done that much to my garden this year - no hanging pots or nice planters on the deck -- it's just too hot and dry.

    my ferns are suffering too, so well done you!

    1. Why thank you! Although I can't really take any credit. The only thing I did was cut off the dead branches a while ago. Maybe they are part weed and that's why they are alive? ;)

  2. I have the green thumb and kudos for getting your palm to come back, oh and hey I think I can get that picture of you taken down I have an in with those Dept. LOL

  3. Way to go with saving the palm!! I lean towards the black thumb (:

    1. Thank you! Plants are so pretty, I wish I could do better with them. I have plant envy, my neighbor did an awesome job with their yard... grr...


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