Monday, July 23, 2012

Four Thoughts on Song Pop

My most recent game app addiction is Song Pop.  I can't even begin to describe my love for name that tune type trivia games.  My sisters used to play such games with me when I was younger and I mastered artists lie Billy Joel and the Eagles, this was long before smart phones, or even cell phones, so it was done by humming.  At the end of last summer, Brad and I stumbled across some name that tune trivia at Logans Roadhouse, very close by our house.  It was so much fun! This year, not so much.  They changed it to regular trivia.  I miss it.

So back to Song Pop, it's addicting but there are some quirks for sure!

First, the "fat finger".  It's a multiple choice game.  They play the song and you're given four choices.  It is pretty common to be aiming for one and end up hitting the one above or below it, hence the term "fat finger" coined by my wonderful husband Brad.  I think I may have discovered a way to beat the fat finger, but I need to play another game to be sure.  I think if you realize your mistake before you pull your finger off the screen, you can move it to the right choice and then lift.  I think! I did that on one game, but I'm not certain it was what it was... don't hold me to that.

Second, the scoring.  I don't quite get it.  I fully understand that it depends on the seconds in which you guess the song (I think you have up to 10 seconds total) and you get more points if you do streaks (more than one in a row correct - you have 5 songs to guess total).  But when you get 3 right and the other person gets 3 right how does one of you end up with 3,000 points and the other 10,000 points? Seems a bit extreme if you were both doing nearly the same thing throughout the game.  Sure, some of it probably depends on the streaks, but still, that's a big gap!

Third, surrounding sounds! Use headphones if possible, or play alone.  My husband doesn't always like when I pay attention to my iPod and not him, even if he is doing something on his own like playing xbox, watching TV, or surfing the web.  So when I play Song Pop, he likes to make A LOT of noise and it totally screws me up.  Even if the song is the most obvious one on the planet, when someone is singing something else or going "na-na-na-na-na-na-na" you couldn't guess it if it were Michael Jackson's Thriller. 

Fourth, the song selections.  They aren't bad, don't get me wrong.  The only category I've completely sucked on so far has been Modern Rap because I'm no rapper.  The songs are pretty decent and well known.  But they start you out with a limited category selection of some 80s, 90s, Today's Hits, Rap, and Love Songs.  I did OK with these categories, but I like to play games with my mom and she couldn't do those.  After I called her to tell her to download it, I had to quickly call her back and tell her not to download it! Once you are playing for a little bit, you can use your coins to buy more categories and there are many, many more categories to choose from.  Personally, I think that when you start you should be able to choose your starting categories.  Not piece by piece because then of course we'd pick out the 5 or so we'd master and we'd kick our competition's butt and that wouldn't be fair, but maybe have packages that include 5 categories so you can at least get a couple you'd be good at.

If you have Song Pop, find me! JenniferSC7
If you don't have Song Pop, you should try it out, it's fun!

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