Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cypress Gardens

A couple of weekends ago Brad and I decided to wander over to Cypress Gardens, a plantation about 20 minutes from our house. 

It really was beautiful.  The Butterfly House was whimsical.  The Swamparium was full of creepy critters interesting.  The Heritage Room was humbling.

We didn't take a boat ride, though we definitely should have.  Brad's a little frightful of canoes for some reason.

We took a walk on the train and it started to rain.  Fortunately we were by a gazebo and we ducked in until the rain let up a little bit.

Then, Cypress Gardens became the mosquito jungle.  It was insane! We probably looked ridiculous to boaters passing by as we practically ran through the trails, smacking each other and ourselves to get rid of the bugs.

Tiny turtle on log

I'd definitely like to go back some time, when it's less buggy (a.k.a. dry) so we can really enjoy the trails and take more pictures.  I only took a few because of the rain.

Interesting side note, some of the movies The Patriot and The Notebook (and a couple others) were filmed at Cypress.  Hm, I wonder if Mr. Ryan Gosling happened upon the same trails we did?

There are actually many places in South Carolina where movies have been filmed.  Aside from the two I mentioned, Dear John was filmed here as well as some of Forrest Gump.  Being the cheeseball that I am, I'd love to take a picture in one of those places that mimics a scene from the film.

Another fun fact, I was driving down the road one day, heading to Charleston, when what seemed like a hundred old-time cars were passing me going in the other direction.  Come to find out they were the old cars that were brought in for The Notebook!

Tell me about a place you've been that a movie was filmed?


  1. I never knew there was more than one Cypress Gardens. We heard so much about the one in Florida when we lived in Orlando, but never made it there. Yours looks like an interesting place...especially if you can run into Ryan or Mel in the swamp. ;)

    1. I didn't know there was either! We usually take a trip to Orlando every year, I might need to check it out there!


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