Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rants and Raves

Pet peeves, annoyances, confessions, and other ramblings... everyone needs a good vent every once in a while.

- Anyone driving a car in front of me or otherwise in my path.
- People who spend too much time at the bank drive thru.  Really? Send the tube back one more time and I'm going to shove it... Just go in the bank!
- Dirigibles.
- Bloggers who host a hop and don't comment on the participators' posts.  A simple "thanks for joining" would suffice, no need to force an ooey gooey comment.
- Captchas.
- Kids that bark at my dog.  Next time, I'll let my 15 pound pooch eat you.
- Gas prices.
- Nicki Minaj.

What's eating you?


  1. My niece and I were just talking Sunday about how we don't actually WANT to like Nikki Minaj but can't seem to not like her music. LOLd

    Worst pet peeves I can think of the top f me head are grammar peeves; improper use of "me" and "I" drives me nuts! Petty Peeve. huh?

    1. Not petty at all! That is one of mine as well. Might use that on my next list!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm pleased to report that ours are down to $3.15! Now if they'll only continue on this downward trend I'll be happy!


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