Saturday, June 23, 2012

Peanut Update

I've talked about my newest niece, affectionately called Peanut, here on this blog and also posted photos of her on my photo blog.  Here's the latest update:

She had a g-tube put in last week and a trache put in on Thursday.  Rough, yes, but very good for her.  With her cleft lip and palate, it hasn't been easy for her to take food from a bottle.  Add to that this webbing she has in her throat that only allows her to breath through about 5% of her airway, regardless of her amazing doctors efforts to open it up.  Without being able to breath well, it's tough to suck on the bottle, hence the need for the g-tube.  The trache comes in because her airway keeps closing up.  They go in, cut it back, and it grows back.  They've done this several times.  So she has the trache and now they don't have to worry about the airway, of course they'll go back in later on and try to snip it again, but they want to give the poor girl a break from these constant surgeries.  She should be able to come home from the NICU in about two weeks, as long as her stats stay good.  And they've been good, just some fluctuations with the surgeries.  One of her lungs collapsed today because the tube they put in was too long and they had to fix that, but they said that sometimes happens when it's first inserted and they fully expect it to puff back up. 

Peanut is a tough little cookie.  It's hard seeing all that stuff on her, but I know it's all for the best.  She's in very good hands at MUSC.  They're taking such good care of her.  The good thing is that she's not going to remember any of this and it will all be a distant memory for us grown ups soon.  She was sleeping when I saw her after the surgery, and she looked peaceful.  Her color was good and she was a chubby little thing.  Makes my heart melt.

Thank you to everyone who is sending prayers her way.  It means a lot.  :)


  1. I had goosebumps all over when I read this. OMG what this little thing has had to go through! It does put mundane whining over little things in perspective doesn't it?

    I'm sending warm thoughts and prayers your way. I really hope she pulls through soon. And hope you'll update us with her progress :)

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I absolutely agree, seeing her in this situation sure does put some petty things into perspective.


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