Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie Review: Gone

I have some up with a fabulous rating system for my movie watching adventures.  When I watch a movie at home, I pretty much evaluate how good it is based on how well it keeps my attention.  I almost always start the movie while doing something else... reading a book, cleaning, etc.

1 Star - If I can read a book while watching a movie, obviously I'm not too entertained.
2 Stars - If I can flip through a magazine, obviously I'm still not that entertained, but I can take a break from what I'm reading to watch the TV.
3 Stars - If I'm cleaning I can be in full view of the TV, or I can take breaks from cleaning or pause the movie when I need to leave the room.  I can fold clothes on the couch, pause it when I go to the washer/dryer.  Obviously I'm not engaged enough to sit still, but engaged enough to watch fairly consistently. 
4 Stars - If I can play on my computer, phone, or iPod Touch then I can afford to be a little distracted.  When I'm watching a movie and doing these things, I do them only a little.  I pretty much watch the movie but when there is that pause for a scene change or a dialogue that you don't really have to watch but rather listen to, I might check my mail or play a game.
5 Stars - I can't possibly do anything else because I'm glued to the TV.

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With that being said, I recently watched the movie Gone with Amanda Seyfried.  It was one of those movies that I was kind of interested in when I saw the preview because I like Amanda Seyfried, but I was afraid it was going to be totally cheesy.  So the other night I wanted to watch something new so I hit pay-per-view and picked that.

How did it rank?

It wasn't bad.  I was a little disappointed with the ending, I found it to be over a little too quickly, but it kept with the pace of the movie so I guess that makes it OK.  And it was a satisfying ending too, I just expected it to be a little more drawn out.  I was happy that it didn't end up being completely cheesy and that there wasn't anything gory in it.  You never know what to expect when you watch a movie that is dubbed a thriller.  There were times when it was a little boring and I played a game that required actual concentration, but the plot was written well enough to keep a steady interest.

I would have been a little disappointed if I paid to see this in the theater, but for $3.99 I can't complain.


  1. LOL! I like your rating system! I just recently watched Running Scared that was supposed to be a good movie but, when I first started to watch it, it was 2 am and I was really tired so, I waited until the morning to finish watching it. Lol! I guess that means that I didn't really like it. I'd give it maybe a cleaning/laundry rating. : )

    1. Haha, a lot of movies get that rating from me!


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