Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

Almost didn't make this one! My track record for blogging has been crappy lately.  Being out of school has it's perks, I can choose to not get on the computer all day (when I'm off work or not at the office) and there are no consequences! Except having to catch up on days worth of reading material!

So I took Thursday and Friday off of work, was off for the weekend, and had to go to Columbia for a meeting today.  I haven't been in the office since Wednesday and it's been fantastic!

On to my Monday hop... click the button below to hop over to Acting Balanced and join in!

Acting Balanced

1. What was your favorite childhood toy?

I think it was Ba-ba.  Ba-ba was a little dog/bear stuffed animal that I had.  He had a Freddy Kreuger black and red striped shirt, which wasn't actually a shirt, it just replaced the fur in the shape of a shirt, if you know what I mean... and he had a removable furry coat.  I loved him.  When I was playing teacher, he was my star pupil.  He was my baby doll, my patient, my friend, etc.  I also LOVED my Cozy Coupe! Makes me smile when I see kids still playing in them today.  My favorite thing to do was to drag it over to the hill on the side of my house and go flying down.  :)

2. Where did you go this weekend?

Brad and I visited Mosquito Jungle on Sunday.  Ooops, I'm sorry, Cypress Gardens! It was absolutely beautiful, it really was.  However, halfway through the trail it started to rain, so we hid in a gazebo until it let up, then went back on the trail.  Holy moly the rain sure did let the mosquitoes out! We practically ran back to the car and now we're all bitten up.  I did get a couple of pictures while we were there though.  :)

3. When was the last time you shopped for yourself? What did you buy?

Sadly, I can't remember the last time I shopped for myself for a non-necessity item.  Does coffee count? Or shampoo?

4. Paper, plastic, or reusable?

I reuse paper, plastic and reusable! Over and over and over again.

And my fifth question for all of you...

What's your best money saving advice?


  1. Best way to save money--stay home.

    1. So very true! It's always my first choice. Even something that's "free" still costs you gas and sometimes food.

  2. Coffee doesn't count because it is a necessity, but it depends what brand on the shampoo!

    Best way to save money is when bills come in don't pay them! ...well, it does save money!... Maybe not in the best way, but it increases your popularity! hehehehe....

    Okay, I cut a lot of coupons and put off purchasing anything I don't absolutely need until I have a coupon or it goes on sale. I either don't end up wanting it after all, or it's even more special when I get it.

    1. Haha, I like your thinking on the coffee!
      LOL @ the bills!
      I cut coupons too! Saved $57 at the grocery store this past weekend and got 45 cents in Fuel Perks, which gives me 45 cents off each gallon of gas! So right now the prices are $2.99 (yay they're going down!) so I'll fill up my tank for $2.54 a gallon!
      I also put off big purchases and find that it helps really determine if I truly want the item. I either forget about it or I'm dying to get there and get it!!

  3. I was like Mosquito Jungle? Where's that but Cypress sounds about right lol. I heard they redid most of the park after Hugo nailed it but I haven't been back since then. I went about a year before Hugo hit it.

    Coupons are your best friend a well as the Bi-Lo fuel perks, which only work at Shell gas stations now I found out. I also don't go out to eat hardly at all anymore because I just can't afford it. One vise I won't kick is Starbucks though because I do a lot of my homework there.

    1. Thank you for the tips!! I try to avoid going out to eat unless the husband and I really need a date night. We live alone though, so date nights at home are just as easy!

      This was my first time ever at Cypress so I don't know what it was like before. My father has been before and he said they had to shut down some things recently due to budget cuts.

  4. I tried to save money however I won't give up all of the frills. You can only cut back so far. I used to take a thermos of tea to work instead of spending money at the cafeteria. I also took my lunch - mainly leftovers.

    1. There are things I won't give up either. I do take my lunch to work, and my coffee in the AM. Once in a while I'll forget the lunch but I'll run to the grocery store and grab something before getting take out since it's usually at least twice as much!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! It's so nice to "meet" you. How interesting that you are Jennifer who's married to Brad :) I like your anniversary tradition, of using your wedding server set :)

    As for saving money tips, we stay home more, Ed takes his drink to work for lunch each day, I clip some coupons, and also buy extra whenever something's on sale. Staying home more has helped the most.

    1. Thank you for your tips! I do the same. It's amazing how much of a difference even the littlest things make. And you're welcome for the visit!


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