Friday, June 1, 2012

You mean I'm not dirigible?

I've mentioned before that Brad and I carpool to work because we literally work across the street from each other.  I've also mentioned the fun hour time difference from when I get off and when he gets off.  

What do I do in that time you ask?

Sometimes I do some grocery shopping or run other errands.  Other times I stay late at work.  Lately I have been so eager to get out of the office and too lazy to shop, so I picked up a couple of variety puzzle books and keep one in each car just to make sure there is always one available for "the wait".  

The other day I was doing some cryptograms.  I love the crypto-families where they give you a category and list like ten words below it.  Love them! 

Category was "Fly Away" and the example they give you is "zeppelin".  So I get that it's going to be things that fly, but I'm confused as to why "airplane" wasn't on the list, but that's irrelevant.  I got "balloon" first, the double letters were a dead give away.  Then I proceeded to complete the rest of the words.  I had no idea what "dirigible" was, in fact I completed the word using letters from other words and was absolutely convinced I had misspelled it.  I kept checking and rechecking, to no avail.  It was spelled correctly.  What the heck is a "dirigible"? Why didn't they just have "airplane"? 

It's 6:00 and Brad is off work, I get over it, put my book away, and we head home.

The following morning I'm driving to work and listening to the radio.  The guys were talking about a spelling bee and I wasn't paying attention.  Then I hear the kid spell "dirigible".  Really? I'm 30 years old and I've never heard the word before, now twice in 24 hours and once coming from a 6 year old? Are you kidding me?

Still not convinced dirigible is something that flew rather than an adjective, I had to Google it.  And sure enough:

Dirigible [dir-i-juh-buhl] n. an airship (thank you

Who knew?

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  1. Haha..this made me crack up Jennifer.. loved it :)

  2. LOL -- and yes, actually did laugh out loud!!

    ah, learning is fun :)


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