Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coffee Chat: Reality Bites

Last week in the coffee chat we talked about our summer fantasy vacation.  This week it's reality.  I'm not sure I like the direction this is heading... next week might be doom! Kidding!! :)  Click the button below to hop over to Time Out For Mom and chat along.

For me, reality hits me the most the week before school starts after taking the summer semester off.  I spend the summer doing little to nothing along the lines of productivity, then all of a sudden school starts in a week.  I am even enrolled in my classes already so short of ordering my books, I do nothing for school prep until BAM it's suddenly time. Being a student kind of sucks sometimes.

Another time reality hits is when I overspend for my budget.  I use Quicken to track my expenses and I'm usually pretty good about entering stuff somewhat daily, at least every other day.  If I ever let the receipts pile up, or forget to enter one, or the husband forgets to give me one, it can throw me off and I have that moment where I have to sit back and give myself, or him, a lecture on responsibility.  Being a grown up kind of sucks sometimes. 

I could probably list more, but those are for sure the biggest "reality check" moments.


  1. Yeah, the budget one gets me all the time!

  2. Oh do I remember those student days and budgets budgets budgets. I ususally worked while at school summers were not totally free.

    I still have the budget....but not the awesome keggers to relieve the stress. or frat parties. or all night raves.

    yep, being a grown up sucks sometimes :)

    thanks for joining the chat again. I am debating whether just doing a monthly chat for the summer,i.e July and August. then return to normal in September...??

    1. Going monthly for the summer wouldn't be a bad idea considering all you've got going on. I'd miss it, but I'd support it! :)


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