Friday, May 11, 2012

Prepping for a new semester... already?

My classes haven't even been over a week yet and I'm already prepping for the new semester.  What is wrong with me?

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Let me start by saying this was not my intention.  My intention was to chill for as long as possible before worrying about what classes I was going to take in the fall.  I am slightly (maybe more than slightly) obsessive so when I have something in my head it can consume me so putting things off can be good in the sense that I won't obsess about them.

Anyway, I was checking the online student information system to see if my grades were posted yet and one of the announcements was that fall registration opened back in mid-April! What???? So of course I needed to get cracking and I ended up spending hours picking courses and getting enrolled.  Was not expecting that.

See, there are these two classes I have to take that are prerequisites for several other classes I need for my degree, so it is essential I get in these classes as soon as possible otherwise I'll never be able to take those other classes and I'll be attending college forever! Not what I want and they are always booked up immediately.  Fortunately I made it into one, but I am first on the waiting list for the other.  I am hoping that will change, that someone will drop the class or that they will open up another class so now I keep checking back because of this stinkin' wait list.

Right now I'm enrolled in five classes.  I know right.  I intend on dropping at least one depending on how this wait list goes.  If I'm still on the wait list and no other classes open up, then obviously I won't be taking that class.  But if I do get into that class, then I'll drop one of the other classes.

I'm a little nervous about taking four classes, taking three and working full time was hard! But I have 13 classes left and I can do that in three semesters (yes, I'll have to take 5 one semester) and be finished with my degree in December 2013 if I bump it up a notch.  So I'm going to try.  If after I look at the syllabi I find these classes have way too much work, then I can drop one, not a big deal, I just want to go at it with all I've got.  I'd hate to not get in that fourth class and then find that I could have done it.  Nothing like kicking yourself after the fact.

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