Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pondering With a Purpose: Love

Ok, I'm winging this week's post through my e-mail.  For some reason Blogger will not cooperate with me.  Whether it's my computer or the website, I do not know, all I know is I can't make a new post.  So here goes nothing with a post e-mailed to my blog! Hopefully my links and pictures will cooperate with me!

Think on Thursday

This week's topic is love... what is your favorite thing to do to show love? Click the button above to go visit Brenda and join!

There are so many things I like to do to show love! I love writing little notes or, nowadays, sending little love texts.  Hugs and cuddles are great too.  Even a smile at the just right moment can let someone know you care.  I think pictures are a great way to see who you care about.  I look back at old photos and I can tell just who my favorite people were at that time.  Granted I wasn't in love with all of them, but you do love your friends!

Here are some love notes from Brad that I have stuck to my monitor at work.  The first was a little scribble when he was visiting me at the office one day.  The second was in with my lunch.  I love him.


  1. Go figure.. now it works just fine..

  2. That is the sweetest thing to get unexpected love notes.

  3. I love the little notes!! that is what I am talking about... little things....
    thank you so much for sharing and pondering with me!
    I love you <3

  4. Oh, yes, Jennifer, to the photo loves! Your comment about a smile at just the right moment reminds me of one of my most precious memory moments of love... that look across a crowded room met with blue eyes of love.

    1. Eyes are my favorite feature on a person because they are so expressive. Even on animals. You can tell so much by the eyes.

  5. Love notes are the best!! My hubby will leave them on my pillow sometimes when he works the night shifts.
    Hooked on a Feeling.....awesome song! I gotta go hear it right now :)

    1. It's one of the songs we get all silly and sing to each other! We make up our own words, etc. So fun.


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