Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose: Favorite Color

A day late and a dollar short... better late than never though, right?

Think on Thursday

This week's Pondering with a Purpose hosted by Brenda Youngerman is about your favorite color.  This isn't just a one word answer, it's deeper than that.

My favorite color has always been purple.  I had a purple bedroom when I was a teenager and I loved it.  I still love the thought of it to this day.  The walls were a super super light purple and the carpet was a very dark purple.  It wasn't tacky, it was subtle and I loved it.  Unfortunately a purple room doesn't quite fit into our house now otherwise I'd totally try to pull it off.

I'm a fan of wearing black.  Not so much for the slimming effects, though they can't hurt, but rather because it goes with just about everything.  Black shoes are so interchangeable, as are pants, skirts, cardigans, etc.  Also, if you spill on it, unless it's white out, who can tell?

I love some silver and white gold jewelery.  Like black clothes, they go with just about everything, especially black! My wedding ring set is white gold and any jewelery Brad has ever gotten me has been white gold or silver.  I do not like yellow gold at all and will not wear it.  Ok, a small lie because I do have a pair of earrings my dad got me for Christmas one year that are gold and they're very cute.  But, they're like a brushed gold, not a shiny gold, know what I mean? Like a sanded surface? I think it's the shiny yellowness of yellow gold that turns me off.

I also like pink.  Not necessarily to wear or to paint my walls, I just think some things are cute in pink.  Pastel pink, not hot pink.  I like a lot of pastel colors.  Green, blue, yellow... the room I am sitting in right now has pastel yellow walls.  It's very refreshing, but I just noticed a mark on the wall... not very cool.

What colors do you enjoy? Click the button up top and hop on over to Brenda's to link up!


  1. YOU are not late... the linky is open for a week!!!!
    My daughter had me paint her room two different shades of purples.... and then I sold the house... so her new room in my new house is purple and green - alternating walls... it looks great!
    And I like pink tooo...
    better go clean that mark on your wall ... hee hee hee.....
    Thanks for pondering with me!

    1. Still haven't cleaned the mark off the wall. Sadly, there are many throughout the house. I need to make a day of it!


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