Friday, May 25, 2012

Ode to blogging...

There are so many wonderful things about blogging.

It's an outlet.
It's a way to make new friends, who knew?
It's a way to keep up with old friends. 
And what I love most about it today?
It's a reminder of what you've done, where you've been, what you've been through...

I was just looking at some old posts under a particular label and it was so neat to experience some of those things again with such description, and the pictures! All in one place.  Things I didn't even remember and that were probably meaningless at the time.  It's neat to go back and see that the babbling post was worth it.

How about you? Ever browse through your old posts and find something you had forgotten about? Or something that was meaningless that is now meaningful?


  1. So funny you say that....I was just going through many old posts this past week. I felt a little writer's block perhaps coming on, and I thought it would be a good source of inspiration. some are almost cringe-worthy - yikes! but mostly, it was really great to see how much i've grown and come into my own voice. And then Bingo! inspired once again.

    1. It is really cool to look back! I love that blogging gives us the ability to do that!

  2. Yes I look back & think Wow no wonder I had no followers I was pretty boring hhaaha, I love having a way to see the changes and growth. So now that I am trying this whole hopping thing etc... I got tagged and decided to tag you!! Go to my blog and get the instructions to play along, the answers on what you were asked today might not be the same next year when we are looking at the old posts :}


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