Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 4 Years!

Last Thursday Brad and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary.  We spent the day at work and the evening visiting Peanut.  Couldn't imagine a better way to spend the day (aside from the work part).  

Typically we try to have a cake or some kind of desert and whip out our engraved cake cutting set and reminisce.  Our wedding day was utterly amazing.  I planned it for nearly two years and I am amazed at how perfect it turned out.  The people, the food, the decorations...

People say that your wedding day is just one day, not really a big deal because it's just that one day.  You spend thousands of dollars on one day and then it's all gone.  Not for me, at least not yet.  Of course I have my wedding album and we had a video made, so I have those memories forever.  I also have other little trinkets from that day, like the personalized napkins and stirrers I just had to have.  People say that stuff is irrelevant and you shouldn't waste your money.  But it's not to me, not yet.  

You may remember a post I did a while back about my wedding box.  It's been four years and I still love digging through that box and pulling things out and remembering the bits and pieces, the unimportant bits and pieces.  I remember ordering them, I remember receiving them, I remember putting the pieces together to form one beautiful wedding.  From the place card holders to the bubbles, everything.  I love that I still have these things to look at and remember all the intricate details that went into that day.

People say not to worry about the food at your wedding, go with the flow because you won't eat anyway.  See that picture up top? That was Brad and I at our table at dinner.  I said "heck no" to the not eating at my own wedding thing.  I wanted to experience every bit of it and I did.  I don't regret a single thing.  I loved my wedding, and I love my marriage.

And one of my favorite pieces of my wedding day, the cake.  The cake.  Oh my goodness it was positively amazing.  It was beautiful and delicious and huge.  I had to have huge.  I love cake and I think the cake is one of those signature things at weddings, aside from the dresses and the flowers, so naturally I needed something epic.  And it was.  Aside from the tiered cake you see above, there were four smaller cakes on the table around it with various yummy flavors.  Brad's aunt made it and I got a great deal, there is no way I could have afforded that cake otherwise!

I'm pretty sure if Brad and I ever have a daughter I'm in some serious trouble!!


  1. Happy anniversary to you!

    I'm going to go find my wedding album. It's been 9 years for us and I still love to look through it every now and then.

    1. I just looked through mine with my nephew this passed weekend. I can't get enough!


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