Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grades are in!

Spanish 4 & Culture - B.  I really thought I was going to fail so I am extremely pleased with this grade.  This class was a complete nightmare for me the past few months.  But, it goes to show that if you bust your butt and complete all the assignment, horrible quiz and test scores will not do you in.  You can still so well.  And by horrible, I don't mean a 70, I mean a 30!!!! I did so bad it's embarrassing. 

Human Ecology - A.  I kind of liked this class.  The teacher was a bit anal retentive, but that's her prerogative.  I like taking classes that I can apply to real life.

Intro to Gerontology - A.  This class kind of bored me.  The teacher was good, but the content was blah.

My GPA before this semester was 3.763, it is now 3.736.  Stupid B.

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