Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite Teachers

For Christmas I got my sister some things from Carter and Cavero, a store in New Jersey that sells gourmet olive oils and other stuff.  Thank goodness for websites and online ordering!

So I got this e-mail the other day from Carter and Cavero that basically suggested purchasing goodies from them for your children's teachers.  I don't mean to minimize the e-mail, I just don't remember all of it, I do think it's a fantastic idea though! Why not buy a teacher something they can really use and appreciate? For Christmas I purchased some brie, crackers, spread, wine, and a gift card for each member of one of our committees and they all commented how they were so appreciative to have received something they could actually use.

Anyway... the e-mail had me thinking about some of my high school teachers that I really liked and appreciated.  These are teachers I enjoyed even when I was in their classes, not strictly in retrospect. 

Mr. Pope, history.  He was awesome.  He was such an entertaining teacher and made me LOVE history.  I actually haven't taken a history class since his and I'm not sure it would be remotely close the experience I had in high school.  He always told us the best stories from his life and just drew the class in.  Such a great talent!

Mr. Bonomi, history.  He, too, was awesome.  He was probably in his 30s and very youthful when I was in high school so he was still pretty in touch with us kids.  Mr. Bonomi started the Singing Santas at our high school, which was basically a crazy chorus that sung Christmas carols, some traditional, some original (S.N.O.W. sang to Y.M.C.A. is one of the many original hits).  Anyone could join, you didn't have to be a great singer because we just belted out the songs.  The only requirements were a red shirt and a Santa hat.  We'd practice after school, and a couple of times before Christmas we'd go to local nursing homes and perform.  Then there was a big Christmas concert at the high school.  My sister was a Singing Santa before me and I remember wanting to be one so bad! I couldn't wait.  Singing Santas was probably my fondest memory of high school and I have Mr. Bonomi to thank for that!

Mrs. Sullivan and Ms. Tonnetti, Foreign Languages.  Interesting how I choose not one but two foreign language teachers as my favorites after my college Spanish debacles.  Mrs. Sullivan was great.  She was a very fair teacher.  You always knew where you stood with that and even as a teenager I respected that.  Ms. Tonnetti was very sweet.  I really enjoyed learning from these two wonderful ladies and I hope that students after me did as well.

I've had other teachers who I liked, but every time I think back to high school I think of these four.  I think it would be so neat to sit down with them today and see what's up.  I know some are retired and Mrs. Sullivan is actually the assistant principal now, good for her!

Do you have any grade school teachers, or even college teachers, who really stood out?

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