Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shot Tales: Georgia

This week's installment of Shot Tales features a glass I picked up at a gas station off I-95 somewhere in Georgia.  

When we go on our annual trip to Florida, we drive.  We usually end up stopping in Georgia on the way to stretch our legs and grab a snack.  We tend to land in Brunswick or Pooler, those are the towns I remember anyway.  I don't know where I got this one.

As simple and storyless as this shot glass seems to be, this is one of my favorites.  I absolutely love the happy cows (there are three total) and the grassy green and the overall fun of it.

While there isn't a memorable story related to this particular glass, it does remind me of the fun road trips to Florida we take.  Brad and I always have the most fun.  We sing along to the radio, make each other laugh, it's always a good time.  Heck, we're on our way to vacation!! What's not to love about it? 

We usually end up driving down to Kissimmee alone since we leave from a different town than the rest of the family.  It ends up being some real nice wind-down, together time.  And we're both in great moods!


  1. That shot glass is great and the grassy green is awesome. I stayed in the Brunswick area with my parents on a vacation in the 90s. We had a room with a kitchenette across the street from the beach and had fresh, uber fresh, shrimp every night.

    I totally agree that memories of vacation are always good memories!! (Thanks for putting that one in my head too!)

    1. Fresh shrimp sounds absolutely delicious right about now. I've never actually vacationed in Georgia, just passed through, but I really really want to. I would love to visit Savannah or some of the islands. I have a friend in Atlanta and like to visit there, but I'm a coastal vacation girl! :)
      You're welcome for the memory!

  2. Funny how a little shot glass can conjure up such a little moment of happy time!

    1. I know, you'd think I'd get tired of looking at them, but this is why I don't!


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