Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shot Tales; Epcot

Well, this post is late but I'm dating it back to Sunday anyway.  :)

This week's featured glass is one I picked up from Epcot in Florida.  This story kind of annoys me, but at least I got a shot glass out of it.

I really like this glass.  It's a blue color glass but barely transparent because of the dark blue.  I think it's fun.

Anyway, a few years ago we went to Florida on our annual family trip with the in-laws.  One of Brad's friend's, TS, worked at Disney for a little while.  He got us park hopper passes that allow us to go from one park to another within a day.  Sweet deal since admission to one park is over $50! So getting into 2 for free is pretty awesome.  

We spent most of the day at the Animal Kingdom, but that is for another Shot Tales.

Later that evening, after we had dinner back at the resort, a few of us decided  we wanted to go to Epcot for a little bit and use the "hopper" feature of the pass.  It was late and we only had about 2 hours before the park closed, we were aware of this.

I was determined to see as much as I could in that limited amount of time.  Well, that didn't happen.  Why? Because when we got there I had to wait while Brad, TS, and maybe a brother or 2 rode on one of the rides.  I don't do rides.  Me + rides = yack.  Not a big deal though.

What was the big deal? Because after this ride was over, TS just had to show us this "awesome" game.  And there we sat, the rest of the evening, in this room while TS played this stupid video game.

I didn't see a darn thing I wanted to except for the gift shop for about 10 seconds because I demanded that I wasn't leaving without a shot glass.  

Hopefully one day we'll make it back and I'll see some stuff!


  1. ooo! I’d have grumpily demanded I at least get my mug too!

    I don’t get why people invite others to watch them play a video game or what the fascination is in watching. I have a new game I sometimes play in the evening and my husband wqas watching me. Must be a guy-thing.

    You’re right, it is a pretty shot glass, though!

    1. My husband wants me to sit on the couch with him while he plays a video game sometimes, I'm like, really? Not my idea of a good time!


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