Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tell Me About Yourself Award

I am honored to receive this award from Nani @ The Chronicles of Nani.  

How exciting!! I do feel like a bit of a turd though because I've been so missing in blogland lately.  So much has been going on and I've been so tired.  I feel like all I'm ever doing is making excuses.  So with all that in mind, I appreciate this award so much!!!! Thanks Nani!!

Rules: First, you must thank the person giving you the award - thanks Nani!! Then list 7 things you think people would find interesting about you.  And pass the award to 7 more people!

1. I love to sing in the car - when I'm alone.  If a good song comes on I will sing and dance.

2. I can "name that tune" to just about every Billy Joel song within the first few seconds of the song.  My sisters and I used to play name that tune with Billy Joel.  I will never forget the one song that had me stumped... Big Shot.

3. If I love a movie I can watch it over and over again, in the same day even.

4. Before my shot glass collection I had a key chain collection.  I loved it.  I lost it.  They were ALL connected too, I had at least 50, probably more.  I think someone stole it or something because that's just not something you drop somewhere and miss, it was huge.

5. I store my candles in my linen closet.  I have tons, some that are over 8 years old.  They still smell great and I hate to burn them because I feel like I should save them for something special.  Right...

6. I love having home parties... like Pampered Chef, PartyLite, and 31.  I just feel like I'm exhausting my guest list if I do more than one a year.

7. I love pictures.  I love to look at them, take them, etc.  I don't care if they are mine or someone else's.  They are just so much fun to look at! They tell stories and I love stories.

My 7 - I know this award is going around so I'm sorry if you've been hit twice! Feel free to not post a second time! :)

1. Hilary @ Feeling Beachie
3. Lauren @ Souls to Squeeze
5. Leslie @ Time Out for Mom
6. Marti @ Marti's Musings
7. Joseph @ Joseph's Real Life

I gave this to you all because I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures!!

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