Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shot Tales: Budapest

Today's installment of Shot Tales comes from Budapest!

No, I have never been to Budapest.  Sadly I haven't left the country yet, but I know someone who went!!

This was about 5 years ago, I hadn't been working at my job for long when a girl, SF, working in another department was going on a trip to Europe.  I didn't know her well but she was a sweetheart.  I jokingly said, "get me a shot glass."  I didn't know they had souvenir shot glasses in Europe and I certainly didn't expect her, someone I barely knew, to get me one.  

But she returned and with her was this pretty little Budapest shot glass.  I asked to let me pay for it, it was the least I could do, but she said heck no, it was a gift.  Like I said, she was a sweetheart.  

She went on to bigger and better things after that and I worked with her for less than 6 months, but I'll never forget her kindness!! It's amazing how people can be in your life for what seems like 5 minutes and yet you'll remember them forever.


  1. I always say when I send my Christmas cards to people I haven't seen in longer than I knew them that the point is remember the people who touched your life and left a mark with you.

    It is amazing how someone you don't know for that long sticks in your memory. You've probably done that for someone else and don't even realize it. It's pretty cool how the world is knit together like that!

    1. It sure is! I love the various saying about how people are placed in your life for certain things, certain amounts of time, etc... it's so true! It's kind of like a "pay it forward" type thing, you always remember those random acts of kindness.

  2. This is a really great post. I, too, know people who I never really got to know but who sticks to my mind like no one else. I really like your blog.

    1. Gina, thanks for stopping by and for your comments. I think it's amazing how some little moments can last a lifetime.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it? I think it's awesome how they can put such neat little pictures on the smallest little glasses.


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