Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shot Tales

This week's installment of Shot Tales takes me down to Kissimmee, Florida.  A place I've been thinking of a lot in preparation for this summer's trip.  I can't wait for a real out of town break.

The first glass is of a particular part of the resort we visit, River Island.  It's a whole lot of pool and water fun and relaxation.  The image on the glass is an actual picture of River Island.  I can feel the heat of the summer sun now.

The second glass I got the first time I went with Brad and his family to Orange Lake Resort.  This was in 2004 I believe.  Oh, it was so much fun!

The story is, Brad's family own a time share at Orange Lake in Kissimmee.  It's a great resort with so much to do on the property itself, you have little reason to leave.  It's also a stone's throw away from the Magic Kingdom.  Brad and I have missed a couple of the annual trips here and there due to work issues, but we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to take a near free vacation every year.  

With all the stress from school and work, I have been dreaming about this summer's trip for weeks.  I want to sit at the pool all day, every day, sipping fruity drinks and reading books.  I wish I could leave today.

Our trips to Orange Lake are usually very similar.  We hang out by the pool, at the resort restaurants and bars, we go to Downtown Disney, maybe one of the parks, the outlets, etc.  On my trip the year before last, I got to see my good friend NM.  It was great.

So there isn't really a particular story related to these glasses, there are many stories related to the trips.  I can't wait for this year's trip so I can share them!!


  1. Sounds like heaven! I could use a sit-by-the-pool vacation after my White Tornado project is done! An annual free vacation sound like a total dream!!


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