Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shot Tales

What a week!

Today I am featuring four glasses from my collection.  As I was deciding which one glass to feature, I chose one and realized that if I picked that particular one, I would have to do this other one too because it's the same story.  Oh, but wait... if I did those two I'd have to pick these other two because, again, it's the same story.  So that is how four shot glasses came to be part of today's shot tales, and why there may be some other multiples in the future.

These glasses will tell the story of my first Nascar race, the Pepsi 400 at Daytona back in July of 2005.  As a New Yorker I never once imagined I'd end up at a race track.  Heck, I never once thought I'd live south of the Mason Dixon line, but things change.  My husband inherited his love for Nascar and all thing racing through his dad, including an undying love for Dale Earnhardt.

Brad and I were invited to go to this race by dear friends of mine, M-M and A.  I've known M-M for what seems like forever, we went to high school together back on Long Island.  She and her husband, A, moved to Florida just before I moved to South Carolina.  We had an amazing fun time that weekend.

We lucked out with tickets to the Busch series race the night before the Nextel Cup race, I know the names have changed but that's what they were back then.  I have actual photos of this event too, not digital pics, otherwise I'd share them on here now.  It was so amusing to me.  I had watched some of the races on TV with Brad, but nothing compared to being there in person.  We had excellent seats too, right near the start/finish line for both races!

The first thing I noticed when we got to Daytona was ALL the people! It was amazing.  So amazing.  The town basically shut down for anything other than Nascar.  I distinctly remember a Target parking lot was used as a paid parking lot.  I can't remember exactly what parking lot we parked in, though believe it or not I do remember what it looked like, it was a smaller shopping center and there were trees.  There were people everywhere, oh and did I mention that it was HOT? July + Florida = scorching!

Once at the racetrack it was even more amazing.  It looked like a fair or festival with food, merchandise, and promotional vendors everywhere.  The "booths" were like the tractor trailer containers painted all fancy with the drivers' numbers, pictures, and sponsors.  There were so many colors, it was really neat.

The Friday night race was fun.  It was loud and exciting.  The wrecks were pretty neat to see live too.  I remember ended up going the wrong way on pit road on it's way to the garage and I actually got a picture of it going the wrong way and a car beside it going the right way, pretty cool.

Well go figure, it rained on Saturday night! Fortunately they never cancelled the race, but boy was it delayed! I don't think they started racing until 11:00 PM and the race wasn't over until well after midnight.  We bought some tacky yellow ponchos to keep try.  I have to say the rain was a nice break from the sunburn we had acquired Friday and Saturday.  It was pretty cool to see the trucks go around the track with the jet engines drying it off.  They were really, really loud though.

Tony Stewart won that race and I remember the flag guy was to our left and Tony climbed the wall and took the flag from him and it was so close! So very neat to see.  (I think if you count how many times I have said "neat" in this post, there would be a lot!)  

Anyway, it was a really fun weekend and my first of two Nascar races so far.  I had a great time with Brad and my friends and ever since then (holy moly it was almost 7 years ago!) we have been talking about getting together for another one.

So glass number 1 represents the race itself, the Pepsi 400.  I loved the red, white, and blue of it since it was 4th of July weekend.  The fireworks at the end of the race were awesome too - I love fireworks.  Glass number 2 was a gift from M-M and A.  Glass number 3 represents the track.  And glass number 4 was one that Brad just had to have.  So while it may seem excessive to acquire four shot glasses from one location, they're all different, and each special in their own way.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Isn't it amazing what you never 'imagine' loving and finding out that deep down inside you there is this ability to try new things and like them?

    Love the glasses and the story!

    1. Yes, it is amazing! It's why I always try to do something new or go somewhere new simply because you never know! :)

  2. I had the same feeling about bull riding the first time I went to a rodeo, in Cleveland of all places!

    I've never been to a NASCR race, but I worked pre-race in Michigan for a few days with ESPN. Even before any cars were there, the feeling was electric!

    1. It really is electric! Such a good way of putting it. I actually went to a bull riding thing in Texas and it was kind of fascinating!!


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