Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally some Friday fun...

Winding down with some Follow Friday Fill-in Fun with Hilary and friends at Feeling Beachie.


1. I loved to sleep late as a kid and still do.
2. I drive pretty well.  That's my opinion anyway... never gotten pulled over so I guess that's a sign.
3. I am currently reading Cross Country by James Patterson.  Been reading it for about 3 months now... stuck.
4. I wish I could instantly have a body like I did when I was 18.  It's actually my motivation picture for my weight loss kick.  And trust me, I'm well aware that at 30 it's not likely I'm going to look like a teenager again, but I'll take what I can get!


  1. I smiled about your driving statement, I know how you feel. I never slept too late,even as a kid, I was the one that always got up fairly early, relatively so, compared to my friends. I have had that happen with books before and now I just finished reading 4 books in a month, I go through phases. Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks Lucy. I go through phases with books too, sometimes I can read several in a week, sometimes I can't read one in a month. I do love to read though!

  2. Never pulled over... Impressive... Can't say I can say the same thing :)

    1. Brad says I drive in a bubble... a bubble that cannot be penetrated by the police. ha

  3. Oh, my goodness - my 18-year old body - I would die if I woke up like that one morning, which would suck since I would finally look GREAT again! Haha!


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