Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Will it never end?

I think my Spanish teacher is trying to kill me.  She has a quiz every week, help me!

I'm still dreading this group project in class # 2.  I posted some really productive thoughts last week and have had no comments from my group yet.  Great.  I sure did pick a winner.

My other class is going ok. 

So after my last "woe is me" post, I actually did some laundry, some school work, cut coupons, and some other productive things.  I think my pitiful post motivated me to not be such a slacker, and a whiner, though I'm not sure how well the latter will work since I pretty much opened this post with a whine.

How about some things I'm loving today...

Having a kitchen full of food, since I finally went grocery shopping over the weekend.

My hair, I am really enjoying not having that thick mess anymore!

My planning calendar at work.  Makes me wish I had one at home.  I've tried, I just don't use it.  And I hate being wasteful.

The fact that the husband and I have only been producing about 1 bag of trash per week since we can now recycle just about everything through our new waste company.  Awesome!


  1. I still think your hair is cute!

    Yay on the recycling! We recycle as much as or more than we trow away too. Proud of that!

    1. Thanks Nani!
      I do love seeing how much I can get in my recycling bin!

  2. Good luck with that group project. That is a real challenge you've got there.
    Very cool about the recycling. I do my best but there are four others in my house who aren't going to win any awards.

    1. Ha! Brad won't be winning any awards anytime soon either!

  3. Lol! They always put alot of quizzes and tests in Spanish Classes, just to practice what you've learned. Yup I've been doing alot of whining lately also but, I think it's great to be grateful. : )

    1. The funny thing is, these quizzes and tests are repelling me from my text books!!!


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