Sunday, February 19, 2012


So I was tagged with the same style meme twice this past week!! I think these are fun so of course I'm partaking in both, but to prevent multiple similar posts, I'm going to answer both in this post...

The first one is from Brenda @ Fiction With a Purpose! The second is from Angie @ Angels are Kids and Furkids!

The Rules are the same for both:

  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about herself on their blog.
  • Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
  • Let each blogger know that you have tagged them.
Brenda's Tag:

11 Things About Myself...

1. I am a compulsive shopper.
2. My compulsive shopping drives me crazy - lots of buyer's remorse!
3. I hate to read for school.
4. I love to read for fun.
5. I'm addicted to my new iPod Touch and can't stop playing games.
6. I'll probably never download a song to my iPod Touch.
7. I'm disappointed I don't have any pages done for my 2012 photo book.
8. This time last year I had three pages done in my 2011 photo book.
9. I hate listening to video games.
10. I love the TV show Greek.
11. I am really particular about my blog backgrounds.

Brenda's Questions:
1.  Wine or beer? Wine! I used to be able to do beer, but then there was this incident and let's just say it hasn't been too welcomed since.
2.  Hot or cold? Cold, can always layer up or sit with a blanket, can't exactly strip nude all the time. However, I do love laying on a beach and feeling the hot hot sun on me!
3.  Black or white? Black.  I can be a pig and white gets dirty, ha.  But Brad's new car does look really sharp in white!
4.  Spring or Fall? Spring.  Is it here yet?
5.  AC or windows? Depends on the time of year, AC is almost always essential here in SC.  But I do love opening the windows in the spring, especially when people are mowing their lawns and I can smell the fresh cut grass.
6.  Heater or fire? Fire! We have a fire pit outside, not a fireplace inside, so it doesn't always work out but it is nice.
7.  Carpet or hard-wood floors? Carpet.  I'm a little too rough and would likely scratch the heck out of hardwood floors.  Plus they get cold.
8.  Roses or Tulips? Roses. But tulips are pretty too, I'd like to plant some outside if my black thumb would allow.
9.  Dog or cat? BOTH!!! I love the loyalty and dependence of a dog, but the attitude and independence of a cat.  Total contrast.
10. Curtains or shades? Both.  Shades block out the peepers and curtains make it look pretty.
11. Shoes or barefoot? Barefoot (I bet Hilary answered shoes, heading over to her blog to check that out! :)

Angie's Tag:

Angie's Questions:

1.  Do you have a favorite book?  If so which one? I love the book "Summer Sisters" by Judy Blume.  I haven't read it in years, but if I had to pick one standalone book and not a series, that would be it.
2.  Where do you think your love of reading stems from?  Or how did you come to love reading? I'm sure it has something to do with my mom, she loves to read.  I'm not sure I ever sat down and saw her reading and said, "I want to do that." But I'm sure she had some kind of influence, whether I realized it at the time or not.  I used to read a book a day, or in 2 hours if I was really hooked, and I still can but I don't have the time.
3.  When you have "down time" what do you enjoy doing most? Reading, sleeping, watching reruns on Netflix...
4.  Would you ever own a black vehicle?  Why or why not? I wouldn't not own a black vehicle, I tend to wander towards darker colored vehicles, not sure why.  But it stinks because in the summer they get sooo hot!!
5.  What is your favorite animal?  Why? Once upon a time I would have said monkeys or bunnies because I think they are so cute.  Now I'd have to say domesticated dogs and cats, like my furbabies, because they're just so awesome.
6.  Do you have an author whose work you read no matter what? (Even if it is a book that doesn't look good to you?) James Patterson.
7.  If you could be a super hero, which one would you chose to be? Not too sure, one that could fly I think. 
8.  If you could have any house you wanted, money is no object, what kind would you build or buy? I have my dream house all picked out in my head and I won't get too specific  because Blogger might have a maximum amount of characters for a post, lol.  I want one that is weather-proof, so it won't fall down in a hurricane or tornado - I saw them build a structure like this on Extreme Home Makeover once... Also I want a basement, three car garage, a mudroom, and energy efficiency with solar panels or something.  That's the abbreviated version.
9.  What state have you always wanted to visit?  Have you been there yet? I'd like to go to some of the southern states like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi... I haven't been to any of them but I think they'd be nice. Most of the other states I'd like to visit I've already been to, and I like to go to new places.
10.  What's your favorite movie? Stand by Me
11.  What is your "ritual" when you settle in to read? I put everything at arms reach, phones, remotes, etc. so I don't have to get up.  Then I curl up somewhere quiet, usually on the couch when hubs isn't home.  I have a blanket nearby too, or over me if I'm already cold.  I like to make sure I'm in it for the long haul.  Ha.

My 11 questions For You...

1. Where is your dream vacation?
2. What is your favorite ice cream?
3. Do you want to take my college classes for me? (Just checking to see if you're paying attention).
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite food?
6. Have you been to any foreign countries?
7. What's your favorite appetizer?
8. When is the last time you hand wrote a letter? 
9. Do you like to take pictures?
10. Do you think you have a creative side?
11. If you could clean anything in your house, what would it be? 

Ok, now I'm supposed to tag people, but I've been tagged three times in the past month, so I'm sure others are feeling the same way.  So if you'd like to participate, TAG! I really enjoy doing these things and would LOVE to read your answers if you're interested.  Have fun!!


  1. Ok, no idea why the first part of this post is in caps, but I can't fix it either. Phooey.

  2. I love this post!
    and I love the idea that you didn't tag anyone... I might just have to answer those questions!

  3. You are so funny! I am jealous of your fire pit!

    1. Sadly we only used it once this year!

  4. I'm for open windows, except for June-September when the temperature is 110+ here in Phoenix. Most of the rest of the year it is nice and warm. Visiting from MMOM. Drop by for a visit.

    1. Ick!! 110 is just not fun!! Our highest days are probably the low 100s and those are few and far between. I have to say I pretty much wouldn't notice because I'm inside in the AC! :)


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