Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I found it necessary to buy a Blu-Ray player and now I'm mad...

I have this addiction... not only do I shop compulsively, but I am also obsessed with Netflix.  Feels better having said it out loud.

I spent a good 12 hours watching Netflix on my day off Monday.  I wasn't on the couch all day straight, I did get up to cook, do some laundry, and straighten up.  I even fed the animals and let Daisy out.  

What was I watching? Greek! Gosh I miss that show, it was one of mine and Brad's faves.  It kind of started the same way my Gray's Anatomy addiction started.  I needed a reason to continue my Netflix subscription so I picked a TV show I loved that isn't on TV anymore.

Back to the point.  

Well, Brad has this addiction... not only is he a pain in the butt, but he is obsessed with his Xbox.  His Xbox is what I watch my Netflix on.  This doesn't mesh well together.

So I've been threatening to buy a Smart TV for a while now, threatening who? I don't know.  Kind of a similar situation to the hair cut situation.  I would put it my bedroom so when Brad wants to play his games, I can still watch my Netflix.  Well, since the TV would be going in the bedroom, I can't fathom spending a whole lot of money on it since I have an old boxy TV that does the trick just fine.  

Insert dilemma here.

There was a Smart TV at Best Buy for under $200.  It's gone now.  Not on the website, not in the store.  Boo.  Now they are all $300 and up.  $300 on a TV for the bedroom? No thanks.

Smart TV - a TV that connects to the internet and can play Netflix.  I'm sure it does other things but all I care about is the Netflix.

So I found a Blu-Ray player that was $70 and has the same Netflix feature.  Sold! Hooked up! It works! I can watch my Netflix while Brad is playing his video games! 

And my shows only pause once every five minutes since we're doing too much on through the internet at one time, his game works just fine though.  :-|

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