Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm still here.  So busy.  Bad excuse, I know.

I'm in my third week of classes already, I can't even believe it.  The classes are going well and I can totally handle the workload which is a relief.  My only woe is that we've been assigned a group project and it's an essay.  I'm not quite sure how we're each supposed to write a part of this essay (as per the instructor) and how the different sections are going to flow well together since nearly every person out there has a different writing style than the next.  So that, needless to say, will be interesting.

The gym! Well, my gym fails (here and here) seemed to have passed.  I've had some successful gym visits.  This is one of the reasons it's been so tough to get on here and write.  When I'm not at work and not doing school work and not at the gym, I'm pretty much in bed.  

Right now I should be doing so many things (feeding the animals, cooking dinner, doing school work, doing laundry, taking a bubble bath, cleaning the kitchen, cutting coupons, grocery shopping, ...) but I needed to stop for a moment and say hello.


  1. Thanks for checking in!

    A group essay, sounds tough and a little stressful!

    1. It is so challenging to do it online! I can imagine if we were trapped in a classroom together a couple times a week, but to do it when it's adults who work and can't always "meet" at the same time, it's so hard. Very frustrating and stressful!

  2. Congrats on going to school. I have three more classes to finish my associate's. I just need to get myself back in the game!

    1. It's hard to get back into it when you've had some time off. I took a break in between my associate and bachelor and I was like, waaa I don't wanna go back!! :)


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