Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring Semester Enrollment: Check!

Today I completed my enrollment for the spring 2012 semester.  I originally enrolled in two classes, but decided today to enroll in a third.  I spent about two hours trying to find a class to add at the last minute, classes start on the 23rd.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any of the classes I really, really wanted.  But, I did find something that might be interesting, and it's a class with similar subject matter as a class I helped a friend study for, so I'm hoping that's a bonus.

Drum roll please...

Spanish 4 and Culture (last Spanish/language class!)
Human Ecology (fulfills my science w/ lab requirement)
Intro to Gerontology (last minute addition)

I'm pretty excited.  I think it's a decent blend of classes and I hope I can budget my time and balance everything appropriately.  I'm sure it will be fine, often when I take two classes I find that I have more time than I need, so I can just use that extra time for the third class.  I'm still a little nervous because I haven't taken more than two classes in a very long time.  Please wish me luck!!

After these three classes, I have 13 more to go, which is at least 4 more semesters.


  1. Sounds like an interesting course lineup. Would love to learn more Spanish. Even daily doses of Dora around here don't have me quite proficient yet. LOL

    thanks for dropping by my Coffee Chat about movies. The linky is open all weekend, so if you find yourself with time on your hands - or happen to see a really crappy movie - lots of time to link up still.

    1. Come on vámonos, everybody let's go! :) That's what I get for four years as a nanny!

      I will definitely participate in the coffee chat this weekend!! Then I'll try to get on the ball for Tuesdays!! :)

  2. hello jennifer,

    thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the follow...i'm now following you, but with the pic from one of my other blogs GFC is acting wonky!

    enjoy all your classes!

  3. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the follow back and welcome!! :)


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