Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random green thought of the day...

So, I was outside with the dog looking at the Christmas tree that is laying in my backyard waiting to hit the curb.  I thought about how much fun Brad had using the last one as kindling and then my mind wandered towards the incinerator plants that are sometimes used to eliminate trash.  I know they are controversial, in fact one closed up around here some time ago.

It made me wonder... is there some kind of scientific process where the smoke/fumes/exhaust from burning trash can be filtered into something beneficial? I know that sounds real hopeful, but one can hope, right?

Personally, I think it would be great to be able to incinerate trash leaving nothing but ash rather than go the landfill/dump route because that reduces the waste to near nothingness.  But, I recognize what this would do to the air we breathe and what could settle into the ground and the potential damage to plant life, etc.  I understand that there are reasons people don't like this method and those are the same reasons I dislike this method.  That's why I'm wondering if there might be a way that the byproducts of this could be changed somehow.  

I haven't really researched this so I don't know what opportunities are out there, but I know I'm trying my hardest to reduce the waste output in my own household and for those things I can't control, I'd like to think there might be a better way to dispose of them.

Random thought over!


  1. That's a good thought, maybe they'll come up with something like that one day. I think they do with the water. : )

  2. I know there are all kinds of filters out there, there has got to be some method to do this!


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