Thursday, January 26, 2012

Litter box help! CAUTION: this post contains discussion about cat poop.

Greetings! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I, for one, cannot wait until I get some chill time this weekend.  I have a date with the personal trainer at our new gym tomorrow to do an orientation and all I can think about is that humorous e-mail that went around many years ago about the woman who kept a gym diary and started out in love with her handsome personal trainer and by the end of the first week she wanted to kill him.  I can SO picture myself in that position.  Sunday I am hoping for some time to make some cards with friends!

On to the point of this post... I know some of my readers are cat people, so I'm hoping someone can offer some advice! 

I have a cat, who shall remain nameless (::cough:: Buster ::cough::), who WILL NOT poop in the litter box.  And before anyone asks, yes I keep a clean litter box.  I scoop it as often as I can and I completely change out the litter weekly.

We have two luxury sized litter boxes.  They are the Cadillacs of litter boxes.  Extremely spacious, huge domed lid, etc.  These litter boxes cost forty bucks a piece so believe me when I say they're amazing.  They can probably fit two cats at a given time.

He's not afraid of being enclosed since he goes inside to pee, he just won't poop in there.  He does it right outside the box.  We keep the boxes in the garage, so it's not like there is feces all over my house, it's in the garage and I always clean it up as soon as I see it.

I tried getting an uncovered box and that didn't help either.  

I know that ideally I should have one box for each cat, and I am not opposed to getting a third box, but they do so well with the two (oh yeah? then why are you writing this post?) and considering how often I clean them out, I don't really see the problem with two.  

If an additional box is the best suggestion, I will surely do that, but I'm kind of hoping there might be some underlying cause I can cure before I bring on another box to maintain.

Please share your thoughts and advice!!


  1. We had a similar issue with one of our cats. We ended up buying this pricey cat litter...Dr Elsy's Cat Attract. It seemed to work pretty well.

    1. I'll look for that. Does it have a scent that kind of pulls them in?

  2. WOW! I have never had a cat that didn't use it's litter box. Perhaps it's the type of litter Buster doesn't like to cover his poo with. Pet stores carry this litter that looks like regular cat litter but made out of pine. Maybe Buster would like that smell and texture better.

    1. I'll look into that.
      Yeah, I absolutely can't believe he won't go in the box. He'll pee in it, just not poop. So weird!


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