Monday, January 16, 2012

Crock Pot Recipes, Please!

It's that time of year... you know, when it's cold and it gets dark early and you don't want to cook when you get home from work?

Brad and I work across the street from each other so we ride to work together just about every day.  It is really great getting to spend that uninterrupted time together.  I call it our "friend time" because we talk like friends for the whole hour each day that we're in the car.

We drive in at 8, and then he get's off work at 6.  I am off at 5, so I either stay late at work, or hit the grocery store or do other local shopping before he gets off.  We're home by 6:30 and depending on what's for dinner, sometimes we're not eating until 8pm.

Not fun.

I love the crock pot.  I love coming home to yummy cooked food.  The smell is amazing! Especially when you didn't have to do a ton of work to get to that point.  I have one crock pot recipe that I consistently use, and I try others when I come across them... but I want more!!

So I'm asking... please, please share your recipes with me! If you'd like to leave them in the comments section, that's fine, but I'm also posting a linky here where you can just link up your own blog posts if you have already posted a crock pot recipe (or recipes) on your own blog.


Oh! And feel free to grab the linky and post it on your own blog as well.  We can make a hop out of this if you'd like.


  1. We've been using the crock pot a little more and I have a yummy goulash recipe my hubby makes. I'll get it written up and send it to you, if you like!!! Also, I have something for you on my blog. Please, take a minute to stop by. Hope you like it!!! :)

    1. Oh my gosh... goulash?? Would LOVE that!! My best friend's grandparents are German and they made goulash and spetzle (spelling?) to DIE for! Gosh I miss that. Would LOVE a recipe!!!

  2. what a great idea....I LOVE IT!
    I'm going to link up a really old soup post! (sorry I don't use a crock pot!)

    1. That's OK, I would love the soup recipe!!!

    2. Oh my gosh, I remember that post, how was it?? Yummy?? I love potato soup with cheese in it. Yum!!!!!! Brad loves soup too, so I'm sure he'll be all for it!!!


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