Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

What better day to finally post pictures of my Christmas tree than on Christmas Day itself? Granted, I am scheduling this post so I'm not really "here" but in all the chaos that is Christmas Day I didn't want to miss out on wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

 Our tree, complete with a little visitor on the left.
 Department 56 village, shot from an angle that will
not expose more of my kitchen nightmare!
 Our 2011 Gamecock ornament.
Side note: bowl game Jan. 2nd!
 One of my new Charleston ornaments.
 The other new Charleston ornament.
Come to think of it, my only Charleston ornaments.
And Miss Phantom making an appearance in front
of the tree, scoping out the gifts!
Your gifts aren't under there, babe!

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