Friday, December 16, 2011

I love December

I look forward to this month all year.  It's my birthday month, Brad's birthday month, Christmas, New Year's Eve.  There is Christmas lights, holiday music, hot chocolate, baked treats, and other goodies.  Any other time of year I'd say "it's like Christmas" but this time of year it really is!!

Earlier this week we had dinner at Sake House, a newish Japanese restaurant in North Charleston.  We do a dinner every year for our birthdays - me, Brad, Rey, and David.  Sadly, David wasn't with us in person, but he was with us in spirit.  We chose to go on the 13th because that was David's birthday.  We had a great time and our hibachi chef was awesome.

This coming weekend my parents will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  Holy moly.  Personally, I can't wait until Brad and I reach that milestone.  I think it's pretty awesome that my parents and his have reached it.  We also have a cocktail party to go to this weekend as a work thing for me.  I have no idea what to wear.

As much as I always look forward to December, the perfect ending to every year, it always freaks me out how fast it seems to come.  While we've had some somber days this month, we've had some really good ones too.


  1. Ya December has always been one of my favorite months of the year because of Christmas but, i'm not feeling it this year, time just goes by too fast. : )

  2. Time certainly has gone by fast. I had a fairly uneventful year and I think that's why I feel like time has just flown... there wasn't anything super memorable to make a timeline of it.


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