Friday, December 2, 2011

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!

Oh Daisy...

I left work without Brad (he works across the street from where I work, we carpool) so I could change, get the dog, and we could pick up Brad and head over to my mom and dad's (leave Daisy there with my dad) and meet my mom for trivia.  We haven't been to trivia in a while, I was looking forward to it.

I get home and take her out.  She was all crazy, running around like a psycho pup and all.  We came inside, I fed the cats and changed.  I grabbed her leash and we headed out.  I open the car door, she jumps in and barfs all over my car seat.  Fantastic.

I went back inside to get a towel to clean it up, and another towel to sit on.  On our way back out the door she spews all over the driveway.  It looked strangely like hot chocolate.  Hmm.  I was cleaning the yack off my car seat and it smelled strangely like chocolate and mint.  Double hmm.

We went inside and I went straight to the front bedroom that is housing the wrapped Christmas gifts.  She had struck again.  She ate through the bag of stocking stuffers for my sister and went straight for the Ghirardelli dark chocolate with mint cream filling.  At least she's got taste.

Last year, she did the exact same thing.  She ate through the wrapping paper and wrapper to get to the chocolate I had in one of the stocking stuffer bags.  This year, while I was wrapping, I recalled this event and said to myself, "self, don't leave it out this time!" And you know what I did? I left it out... obviously.

Last year's episode happened shortly after this... Poor Puppy

I think I get this year's vote for worst fur-mom! 

Fortunately (and sadly), I know from past experience that she is not allergic to chocolate and that she has to eat about twice her weight in chocolate for it to be lethal.  Not that I ever plan to test that theory, but I don't have quite the freak attack now as I had in the past because of that.  I just have to keep her hydrated the rest of the night since the sweetness dehydrates her.

Needless to say, Brad announced that we will no longer have chocolate in the house.  Great.

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