Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012: The Year of Green

Something I want to focus on in 2012 is being GREEN!  In two ways: I'd like to go a little greener, and save a little green.  And I know these two can work together pretty well too.

We already made some positive changes on the "going green" front... back in June we discontinued using paper napkins and paper towels and instead use cloth napkins and cloth rags.  Brad keeps joking about when we're turning in our toilet paper... yeah, that's not going to happen.

We recycle as well - paper, plastic, glass, and metal combos.  I'm actually really excited because we have a new sanitation company serving our area in the new year and they are accepting more items than the last!! They will take ALL numbers 1-7 for plastic.  So excited about that! They're also offering a rewards program, they'll scan our bin every time they pick up to know how often we're recycling and we'll get different savings certificates and rewards. Yay! And they will come weekly to pick up all varieties.  Awesome.

Last, we have a garbage disposal in our sink and we do our best to dispose of food trash through that, rather than the kitchen trash.

Those are the "go green" changes we've already been doing a while, but I'm looking for more! Any suggestions?

Oh, and we also carpool! So pretty much every day there is one less car on the road in Charleston.  That helps us in both green areas.

And of course there is saving green!

I often call the places we receive bills from (TV, phone, etc.) to see if we can go lower.  I shop around for car insurance a lot, etc.  I use coupons and shop sales.  I feel like we're already doing a lot to not spend as much, but I need some tips on actually saving that money we don't spend!

Please share any tips on going and/or saving green!!


  1. That's good! Are trash company had started taking in recycling early this year and we've been recycling all of our bottles and plastics and things, I've just found out by my little sister that your not supposed to recycle anything that has food in it which I've been doing alot of.... oops! Lol! I like how y'all don't use paper towels anymore, I wish we would do that, it not only saves the environment but, it saves you money too! : )

  2. Joseph - The paper towel thing has been awesome! I finally reached my boiling point with them when I pet sit this past summer. I had just bought an 8 pack of huge paper towel rolls for about $12 and I used the ENTIRE thing in a week cleaning up after the dog who used the bathroom all over the house. I couldn't believe I had just thrown $12 in the trash like that. This is great because now I can wash and reuse. Thankfully, my pets don't make a whole lot of messes, so I haven't had to use any cloths on any nasty clean-ups.


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