Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starry Night

When I go outside at night with Daisy, I am always able to locate the "dippers" in the night sky.  They move, obviously, since the earth rotates, but they are pretty much always in the same general area.  I know if I am out on my patio and I look in a certain direction, I can see them.

With that being said, when Brad and I were out at his cousin's house this past Saturday night watching the Gamecocks football game, his brother pointed out the Big Dipper.  I looked up, and it was so neat to me to see this star pattern from a different perspective, about 30 miles or 45 minutes from where I usually see it.  

I know that sounds lame, and maybe it is.  But when you come to be so familiar with something, it's just neat to see the same thing somewhere else.  In his cousin's yard, I never would have known where to look for the dippers, not the same way I know to look for them at my own house.

Deep thoughts by Jennifer E.

And here's a very bad pic of Brad and myself from the gathering.

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