Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My day late Halloween post

I had a pretty good Halloween! It started with a trip to Columbia for work, and ended with some Ghost Hunters Live.

Before the trick-or-treaters came by, I had to have my fix of Halloween movies! I watched my three favorite scary movies, Halloween, Halloween II, and Halloween: H20Actually, I watched Halloween: H20 today because I didn't have the time last night. 

Images Courtesy of IMDB: I, II, H20

I had a cauldron filled with candy I purchased about a month ago from Target.  I always buy candy that isn't mine and Brad's favorite so that I'm not tempted to eat it before the big day.  However, I took it out Sunday night and we definitely sneaked a few pieces.  We ended up having just enough to hand out to all the kiddos.

I saw some really great costumes! A couple of favorites was the little girl dressed up as Cocky, the Gamecocks mascot, and a set of toddler triplets dressed as 2 ninjas and a pirate.  They were absolutely adorable!!!

While I was sitting inside watching the last of Halloween II, I couldn't help but notice the occasional scream and what sounded like a chainsaw.  Brad finally got home from work and we discovered it was our next door neighbors giving the bigger kids a good scare.  I hid outside and captured this video.  The son was Michael Myers and the dad was Leatherface.

Oh, and here are my decorations! I usually do more but since I only put them out on Sunday I decided not to go overboard, however after the neighbor's show, I definitely think Brad and I are going to team up with them next year and do something great.  

And last, but certainly not least, my little Boo-Boo dressed up for Halloween! Isn't she a scary ghost??


  1. ah, the dog is so cute!!
    I would have had a heart - attack if my neighbours did that! omg! LOL

  2. RoryBore - I was watching the movie Halloween before going outside, if I hadn't known what they were up to and the kid came out as Michael Myers without me expecting it I probably would have run screaming down the street too!


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