Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hold me closer tiny Daisy

"Tiny Dancer" is by far my most favorite Elton John song, so it was only perfect to use that to describe this picture of my Daisy Doodle.

I got some of the Christmas presents I ordered today.  Thank you to Fed-Ex and UPS for coming early! While enjoying my Netflix Buffy-fest, I decided to wrap the gifts that arrived with my super cool and surprisingly sturdy Dollar Tree wrapping paper (just $1 a roll, score!).

So there I am, sitting on the floor in my living room, having just polished off a roll of my snazzy wrapping paper.  I was a little giddy since Christmas-y stuff has a special place in my heart.  Playing the empty wrapping paper roll like a trumpet, then using it as a telescope.  I took a look at Daisy through the tube and knew I had to capture the moment!

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